triplicate:  recent works by Alexa Goff at Idaho State University Pond Student Union Transition Gallery.
Pieces include: EXAMINED landscape I- Mixed media with acrylic, graphite, wax & photo
EXAMINED landscape II- Mixed media with monotype, etching, graphite & found object
EXAMINED landscape III- Photo installations & graphite
               At my school right now, an artist I have known for a long while has a show with works from collection “EXAMINED landscape.”  It is a multi media, abstraction thematically varying from lens, windows, and views along with birds, the most visually available wildlife.  There are three parts to the set, each descending from a more long-lasting, durable media, to printed paper, to pinned sheets of copy paper.  Along with this advancement into the temporal, the set descends into more abstraction which brings tension to the examined landscape.  It is very much like we are outside with the chance to interact with trees and birds, then we must go where there are no birds, then we must go inside a building where all we have is a window.  Therefore, our landscape changes with each step inward, into a closed in environment.  From the previous work that I have seen of hers:  prints mostly, this takes on a body that where the sum of each of the landscapes take on a exquisite contrast to each other both in media and representation.  In previous works, her use of text seemed to off balance the abstractions, but in these works the only text required is that of the piece label.  The works are meticulous in their presentation.